About Us



As a practicing classical homeopath, I have learned alot about health.  While organising detox programs for clients and informing them about the toxins we are confronted with everyday, I could not avoid including discussing the bodies biggest organ, the skin.  


Our bodies absorb upto 60% of what we put on our skin!! and there are many health issues linked to toxic chemicals in the body related to cosmetics.  


Therefore we were inspired to create a line of products that are a pleasure to use, including handmade soap made the old-fashion way, body butters, body scrubs, healing salves and more!,  Completely natural using mainly organic and pure ingredients, vegetable oils, butters, essential oils and natural fragrances....all products are simply very effective at what they do!


At BodyGood we all do this passionately , with love!


 Lily Samardzic-Rafik, Founder