it was a natural evolution ...       

Great things always come when you follow your passion and when you do something that you love and believe in.  When something is meant to be it all comes together. 


 I always believed   that there must be  a natural solution and cure for any of the  bodys' imbalances and diseases.  The body is  a perfect machine that knows how to cure itself when given the right ingredients and tools through replenishing, renewing and detoxifying. 

Starting with my practice in homeopathy since 2006,   Taking and curing hundreds of cases led me to the understanding that nutrition also needs to be addressed and used as medicine.   


 This  led me to the extensive research on the importance of flooding the body with nutrition inorder to optimize detoxification.....this is when I began to organize Juice detox for groups of patients. 


Detoxing then led me to the understanding that the skin itself absorbs 60% of everything we put on it,  so you can't improve health until you reduce toxic intake also through skin....and this inturn led me to the birth of BODYGOOD.  

Now we are the leading brand in soap and innovative bath products in Morocco.

And that is the story of how BODYGOOD got started!

Lily Samardzic, MSc Hom Med

Proprietor BODYGOOD Maroc